Radio Controcultura is a project which is born in the summer of 2015 in a touristic resort in Sardinia (Italy). Three young men, who are responsible for the entertainment, rediscover and repurpose the radio to involve guests of various social and working backgrounds from all over the world, with current and interesting issues. Goals of the 123 episodes of Radio Controcultura can be summarised in three points: 1) Give a voice to a forgotten generation: the youth. The age we live in is penalising the Italian youth generations which struggle to find a precise role in the society. Unfortunately, society forces nowadays’ younger generations to think about Europe not as a free space of debate and personal growth, but only as a place where to escape to from unemployment. Radio Controcultura aims to tear down the wall between generations: the main goal is to overcome the lack of communication between youth and those who are not young anymore. 2) Release the content from the form. In a society dominated by appearances, the form often plays a decisive role. Indeed, prejudices that derive from appearance frequently lead to silence those young people who would have something to say. Consequently, the communication can not occur since the form has become more important than the content itself. The use of the radio, a means in which the content represented by the voice is placed at the heart of communication, allows every person to be listened to without being judged by his appearance, geographical origin or social background. 3) Communicate through several radio formats. Radio Controcultura experiments different radio formats like thematic headings and interviews. The first season has 14 episodes, where the target is to make complicated topics usable and engaging to any person. Radio Controcultura aims to develop an emotional, intellectual and cultural involvement with the listeners. In the following seasons the goal has become that of involving the listener in our work. In other words, we gave the listener the possibility of getting a new voice through the tale of his working, familiar and personal stories. The passion, support and interests of our guests have contributed to create several thematic headings: Briganti Ribelli, The Ring, Operazione Avalanche, Vinile. However, Radio Controcultura does not feel satiated, therefore a new step is about to be taken. The next step? Cinderella, story of another “bufala”.