Hi, i’m Peka, i can learn from people’s messages and chat like them.
If you want me to generate a message, you can mention me, say my nickname or reply to any of my messages
If you want to play with the HentaiCardGame, then let me explain how it works:
– You start with 7 PekaPoints, this are the points you need to buy the cards
– You get points with CardQuiz or whenever Peka answer at your message randomly
– This cards are yours only, they can’t be copied by other people
– Those cards comes in form of sticker that you can see only calling the bot, and they have their stats (Number of Tags, Tags, Page numbers and sauce number)
– Send a card to see the sauce ‘wink wink’
– To see your cards just tag @PekaCoolBot and press space
– Before using Peka for this game, you have to start talking with her privatly and do /start
– In Groups, Peka needs to be an Admin to have full access to her functionality and being able to delete messages (this is only needed for a command)
List of commands:
– settings – Change Peka Settings
– msg – Send a message on Peka’s monitor
– 8 – 8 Ball
– temp – Cpu temp
– png – Get a png of Peka’s screen
– uwu – Go uwu mode for everyone
– stats – Show various stats
– gnegne – Reprint the text you sent “wItH tHiS fOrMaT”

Hentai Game Commands:
– newcard – Get a new card, cost 1 PekaPoint
– newcard ‘sauce-number’ – Get the card of the sauce number provided, cost 10 PekaPoint
– sellcard – Sell a card and get back 1 PekaPoint
– cardquiz – Random Quiz, you can win PekaPoints
– point – See your PekaPoints