DOGEClikke Promotional Bot

🌐 DOGEClikke

This bot pays DOGE for completing tasks (Joining channels, clicking referral links, visiting websites, claiming bonuses or referring friends)

⁉️ How can I earn FREE DOGE?
To earn doge, you can do multiple things:
▪️ Complete tasks in bot
▪️ Redeem the daily bonus
▪️ Invite friends

❕When you reach 50 DOGE the withdrawal button will be unlocked, and you will be able to withdraw.(NO FEE at the moment for withdraw)

💸 Withdrawals will be processed by the administration in less than 48 hours. A Withdrawal can be cancelled if you performed illegal actions

💰 If you complete tasks and invite friends in real ways, your income is unlimited!

▪️ How can I use DOGE?
You can keep them in your wallet, use them in this bot to get members for your channels, views for your pages, referrals for your bots, and a lot more!
You can also withdraw it and use it in common payments,you can withdraw directly into the address of our bot
🧲☘️@DOGEClikkeLottery_bot and try your luck by winning lots of prizes

📣 Can I buy advertisement in this bot?
Sure you can! Contact administration through @Investigationsupport_bot for purchase and Informations

🤝 Thanks for the support
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